I had a friend honestly tell me her opinion on me

I was
1-10 of prettyness: 4

Smart levels 1-10: 1

That I had poor logic skills and that she hangs around me any way *pat on head*

So that tells me there that

1. Im going to become a whore because im stupid and how else am I going to make money

2.im probably not going to get married because im dumb, blonde, and unattractive in every way

3. I should stop talking to people because no one likes me any way im a waste of space

4. And lastly I need to die and never repopulate ever ever ever because my children would be stupid and ugly if I had them because I would be a hoe and probably get accident pregnant

5.and I’ll probably dies from suicide because im depressed and I have depression and suicidal thoughts and actions.

So thank you friend for being honest, now I know how my life’s going to end and play out.

why isn’t this my blogs logo

why isn’t this my blogs logo

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